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Welcome to the gambler's choice for best online casino in Malaysia & Singapore. From the moment you join us we will make you feel 100% welcome with our extensive range of promotions & bonuses specially designed for your maximum betting pleasure.

With 8 world class live dealer casino lounges, 5 slot machine games providers, 2 sports books, 8 4D brands, casino fish shooting games, native mobile apps and attentive customer service available 24/7 for the fastest payouts, we are sure you will agree 188clubs is indeed the gambler’s online casino of choice both in Malaysia & Singapore.


Gambling has always been a favourite pastime in all parts of Asia. Whatever form you care to think of, we Asians have always loved a game of chance. Traditionally, we have always gravitated towards the famous land based casinos to get our gaming fix. All throughout the region these have come to be famous landmarks in their own right.

If you look around, any number of famous gambling spots come to mind. There is the wonderfully located Genting Highlands Casinos. The Philippines, with their gambler friendly regulations, is another insider favourite. Then there is Macau which is today the largest, richest gambling location in the world.

Not to be left behind, Singapore of course took advantage of a great location like Sentosa Island to create Resorts World Sentosa. This has turned into a significant tourist attraction in itself due to a myriad of attractions that complement the casino. The Universal Studios theme park has has become a must see attraction for tourists and locals. Then of course how can we forget newest and shiniest star in the casino galaxy, Marina Bay Sands. In no time at all this place is now the talk of Asian gamblers and much further beyond.

Yes, in case you have not kept up with casino news, it has surpassed even the famous Las Vegas venues for some time now. So we can safely assume that Asia has truly become the number choice when it comes to gamblers who want an all around great experience.


Yet it is not too far back in the past that travel – even within the Southeast Asian region – was a much more taxing affair. Airports were rare and a vast majority of the people travelled by rail or road. This quite simply made it impossible for many to venture very far. The few that could, had long hours of travel time to look forward to. Information was also scarce. Most people relied on first hand accounts from those that had visited places. As you can imagine under these circumstances, a gambler had very few options.

Of course this significant shift in casino revenues towards Asia can partly be put down to the rapid increases in population. Also, along with this growth, has been a steady increase in disposable income. However, this alone does not explain it though.

The modern Singapore Online Casino is a world away from the casinos of old and do not face these restrictions anymore. Here’s why.


    Cheap air travel has become a hallmark of the tourism industry and the internet has opened up a whole world of possibilities for those from the more far flung regions. This has of course impacted the casino industry as well and they have responded as well as they can. But they will always have inherent restrictions.

    The sheer number of people who now have the capability and the means to move around means land based casinos have had to maintain a fine balancing act in allowing access to people. They have tried with varying success to create alternative spaces for different sections of society. But there is only ever going to be that much space. This is of course exacerbated in some of the smaller countries and there are few better examples than right here in Singapore.


    Our land based casinos have rapidly grown in both reputation and thus, visitor numbers. These are fantastic venues individually and they have brought in a whole new segment of tourism for Singapore.

    However, as the numbers coming in to gamble grow, we are finding that the restrictively high costs and increasing government intervention are a problem - even for many tourists. They have also served to highlight what the Singaporean has been missing out on. We are restricted from the landed casinos in our own country. What is that all about?! Alas we are not alone as it a problem replicated in many other neighbouring countries.


    As land based casinos have increasingly caught the eye of the authorities, they have found it necessary to put in restrictions with a view to protecting vulnerable gamblers. While this may be a good thing, it has nevertheless negatively impacted a large number who are responsible gamblers.

    In the first place the authorities themselves have to keep amending their rules to face an ever changing industry. This makes a gamblers life difficult as they never really know what is around the corner. A new rule could easily prohibit a visit to a gambler’s favourite casino – something they would have no problems with at a trusted Singapore online casino. But more on that later.


    More important is the fact that governments have in many cases moved to monopolise different kinds of gambling. Whether it is the lottery, only horse racing, or an overall hold on all manner of sports betting, there are many examples of how governments have always held sway.

    Some would of course argue that this is a good thing. Many gambling operators in the past and till today have been known for their unscrupulous methods. This would of course not be the case with government operated ventures. They are safe and secure at the very least. But there is a downside we shall see that directly affects gamblers.

    A monopoly means that only one group gets to set the rules. There is a distinct absence of any kind of competition. This naturally has an impact on the odds for a gambler. There is simply no incentive to focus on providing better odds or even for devising more ways to win. Instead the focus is on revenues to the government and providing just enough avenues to gambling as they fell the people require.


This is where we, as gamblers, would beg to differ. While we appreciate the added security and safety of a government run enterprise it is also a fact that in this day and age, any kind of gambling should provide that as a minimum. But we also want better odds. We want a variety of games.

In short what we demand is the very best online casino in Singapore. We are confident enough to say that here at 188clubs you have arrived at just such a place. Below we take a brief look at the different areas of gaming that await you.


Here we offer the old favourites with our very own twist. There is of course Roulette, Blackjack and Baccarat among our games as these are the old favourites. Across your devices, our sites are carefully designed to ensure that you are at all times able to access the information you require to make that calculated bet. And since we are in the melting pot that is Asia, we have provided for the different communication needs that will arise. Our bilingual dealers are both friendly and knowledgeable. Just go ahead and try your favourite game. You will be able to chat to the dealers and avail any help along the way while you enjoy your favourite games.


We have a huge variety of games in this section as a result of its massive popularity. I mean who does not like, or has not at least tried Singapore online casino slot games? These are the very soul of casinos – both landed and online. Experienced casino operators like us know this and we go the extra mile. Our incredibly extensive array of games means you can almost always have a new and unique experience during your time with us. And these are not your ordinary games. Intricate intros precede most of the games. They are also highly customisable using your favourite animated characters or even a number of famous personalities. Added to this is that our games have 5 spinning rows and again, with a high level of customisation, your chances of a win are not so elusive anymore.


In this section we have a wide array of options for our clients. With a clear and concise interface that makes it easy for you to understand, there is more time for the important decisions to be made. We do not believe in placing restrictions on our clients and when you take this along with the extensive and generous bonuses on offer, it becomes clear that our Sportsbook has clear advantages. There are of course the eternal favourites like Soccer, horse racing and F1. However, the list does not end there. We invite to visit this highly popular section of our site to experience the best of Singapore sports betting for yourself.


We are here to serve you. That is ingrained in us here. We also know that online casino players love a reward. Whether it is to welcome you onboard or to reward your loyalty to us, we cover this and much more with our wonderful bonuses. Every one of our clients is important to us. For this reason we are constantly assessing and tweaking our bonus offers to give the best Singapore online casino promotions. It is imperative to us that our clients are allowed the maximum amount of chances to win and to get great value for the amounts they spend. Our promotions go a long way to ensuring this happens.


It is a recognised fact today that Asia is one of the leading technology hubs. Massive innovation continues to take place in the online casino arena. There may be any number of other online casinos around, but we really do go the extra mile in more ways than one. As experienced gamblers ourselves we are have created a complete package from scratch that can quite simply be considered among the best in the industry. Here we would like to delve into some of what goes into putting us at the top.

  • Reliability, Security, Privacy: As online casino players, we are first and foremost concerned with an absolutely safe and secure environment where we can enjoy our gambling in peace and with privacy. So it is natural that our clients must enjoy those same high standards. Our tech teams are always on hand to ensure that you never have to stop gambling. We offer the highest payouts available and we engage only the very best gaming platforms that easily meet the industry standards for reliability and timeliness. These have been tried and tested within various industry applications. In this area we are also flexible. This is so we can accommodate our clients’ wishes to a great extent when it comes to their banking needs.
  • Endless Variety: We really do offer an almost limitless range of games. It does not matter which is your favourite. This is a fundamental requirement for an online casino as we know our clients want to keep experiencing new things. There really is something for everyone at 188clubs.
  • Convenience: Taking advantage of the incredible advances in connectivity, we offer a seamless mobile experience to go with our main site. We understand that our clients want the flexibility to play their favourite games wherever they are. And these are not just any games. With names like Playtech and NetEnt for example, we only engage with the very best.
  • Absolute Flexibility: Traditionally casinos have placed many restrictions on players. This may have been minimum buy ins or at the other end they may have restricted big spenders who were on a winning roll. This is definitely not the case with us. We have a minimal buy-in which allows players from all walks of life to experience the fun and excitement of all our different offerings.
  • Ease of Use: Our entire combined gaming platform, whether it is on website or mobile, has been engineered to be used by anyone. By this we mean you need no prior knowledge or extra skill to get comfortable with our games. Our clean, concise design ensures that you will be on your way to playing and winning in no time at all.


Most new online players come to us anxious and worried about their past experiences. The fact that most end up staying is testament to our overall efficiency and the reliability of our site. This would of course mean nothing if we just had a collection of stale offerings and we address this by constantly adapting and updating our systems to meet all challenges head on.The numerous chances of winning something coupled with the highest payouts in the industry mean that we have become the trusted Singapore online casino of choice.

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