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Grab your chance to play at a top Online Casino in Singapore

As the old saying goes, Singapore is indeed a fine city. It is a great place in so many ways, but for us locals, we are always wondering what new rule is around the corner.

For us gamblers it is no different. We never really know what rules are around the corner that mean we have to adjust our habits to. This may be easy enough in most parts of our life, but when it comes to Singapore casinos, there are some important points to consider.

But first ...


We have always loved a wager. Let’s face it our forefathers took the ultimate risk, jumped on a boat and came here to make a new life. So we have a built in need to take a chance. As a society too we have limited options for fun. You don’t just take off on a road trip or go mountain climbing in tiny Singapore. It is just a big city. As a result we love social gatherings. Whether it is our favourite chalet, a tent on the beach or just a gathering at a friend’s place, we tend to love our get togethers.

And then we need entertainment. Some kind of novel distraction to take the mind away for a while. And once again - you guessed it - we want the best. Our crazy non-stop work style needs a break. So entertainment has to be creative.

There is of course a wide variety of nightlife spread around the island. There is the annual bonanza when the Formula 1 circus arrives. And of course there is our ingrained need to gamble.

So here we would like to look at how you can have a great time gambling at an online casino in Singapore.


In just a few short years the online casino industry has exploded. What began as a few online poker rooms has now mushroomed into a massive, complicated industry. There are so many different laws depending on the country and then there are ever changing terms and conditions offered by the online gambling sites themselves. This can prove massively confusing for the novice gambler.

As with any other industry, there is good and bad. Unfortunately for us, because of the huge amounts of money involved in gambling, there are plenty of crooks out there waiting to take advantage. Added to this, in a country like Singapore, there are also an ever changing number of rules and regulations to be aware of.


By now people the world over have heard of or experienced our two casinos in Singapore. There is no denying that these are fantastic places that offer a great gaming experience. However, as we know, this is not really the case for us locals. There are ever increasing number of barriers in place that really take the fun out of gambling for locals wanting to try their luck in these places. Then when consider the fantastic offers available at a top Singapore online casino, it becomes immediately clear to us that we are much better served playing online.


As we have already mentioned, choosing the right online casino can be a daunting experience. Gambling is in theory meant to be a fun, enjoyable pastime. But when there is real money involved, there will inevitably be some crooked elements trying to take your hard earned cash.

So let us look in more detail at how you can safely gamble online in Singapore while minimising the risk of being cheated.


If you are of the right age and have no legal issues to contend with then there is no more impediment to you taking part. With a computer and a decent internet connection, you are ready and should ideally try out only the best Singapore online casino.

This step is absolutely key.


In Singapore there is of course the government run options. But these are very limited and offer fixed odds. I mean you are right here reading this at 188 clubs and having seen the fantastic variety on offer, there really is no competition. What you must remember though is that everyone can make these promises. As a trusted Singapore online casino with years of experience, we know that our customers are the key to our success. Of course you will make the final choice so here are just five points to consider when making your choice.

Strict territories like Singapore pay attention to gambling because in some rare cases, it can have its problems. So it is vital to remember when starting your online casino journey that you must always gamble responsibly. First of all you must be of the correct age. This is something we here at 188clubs police very strictly. Also, always play within your means. And finally, know exactly when to walk away.

By just following these easy rules and choosing only the top online casino in Singapore, you can always find something to suit your mood.