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Casino gamers worldwide have always sought the same things. A reliable and secure place to enjoy their favourite games. Of course there has also been an ever growing need to make sure players are kept entertained and it is these facets that have occupied casino operators for as long as there have been Singapore casinos.

After all what is gambling if not entertainment? It does not matter the game that is played as long as players are having fun and are ideally provided with as much of a chance to win as possible or at the very least to maximise their gambling time.


Casinos were originally intended as places where high society met to network and socialise. The games were of course a big part of this, but aside from the gambling itself there was very little besides a few drinks and cigars to entertain the patrons. The gambling tables were also not places which were comfortable for female players. They were generally a part of the service staff or employed in various forms of entertainment. These were conservative times where women gambling was frowned upon. Coupled with this, the promoters of the day had not yet realised the potential in including anybody who wanted to gamble.


At the time when casinos were just becoming the huge entertainment centres we are accustomed to today, society had many misconceptions about gambling as a whole. It was largely seen as a pastime for the rich. Other sections of society were not considered at all mainly because they could never afford these places. Promoters had already realised that the only way forward was to attract big players and to find ways to make them stay. The limited pool to choose from made this even more important.

There was also the matter of space. Despite landed casinos eventually becoming massive entertainment centres, they could still only let in so many people. Even at the tables the dealers would have a limit as to how many patrons they could entertain at any one table. This was a far cry from today’s live dealer online casinos.


Rapid advances in technology would first reach the landed casinos. An example of this is the evolution in slot machines. But it was not just that one area that was advancing. The internet was now available and this meant a whole new world to exploit in casino gaming.

The very earliest online casinos were nothing more than a basic video camera and maybe a girl spinning a roulette wheel. These were early days and online players needed a PC and had to hope their connection would be good enough. There was almost no variety in how Deposits - or buy-ins if you like – were placed and nobody had even begun to properly assess the security aspect. This was a far cry from today’s ultra stable and safe online casinos in Singapore. The authorities had also quickly noticed this new phenomena. Considering their existing dim views of gambling, it would be no time before they were attempting to outlaw, or at least regulate online casinos as they had done to the landed casinos of the past. At their very basic level these games still attempted to provide an experience that was at least something like the landed casinos they planned to emulate.


The incredible advances in technology have not been lost on the gambling world. Game developers have been quietly keeping up and it is safe to say that today’s best Singapore online casino provides a level of entertainment that easily matches the excitement of the games of old. Of course with the rapid growth the competition has become intense. Where in days gone by there were maybe a handful of big casinos competing with each other, there are literally thousands of online casinos available today. This has naturally led to players having an unlimited field to choose from but more importantly, forced promoters to get ever more focused and creative in order to differentiate their offerings. Many added services like Singapore slot games and sports betting in order to compete.


At 188clubs Singapore our approach has always been to put the customer front and centre. Everything we do must ultimately be to enhance the experiences of our players. Below we cover just a few of these areas.


The very best and most exciting games would be nothing if they were not reliable in a number of ways. To start we offer a variety of methods for players to place their deposits and players are always kept aware of the funds they have available. With the ultimate goal being a win, we also ensure that our payouts are prompt and no one is kept waiting. It also helps that we offer among the highest payouts in the industry.


This is a no brainer. As a Trusted Singapore online casino, we understand the need to engage the very best game developers. XPG, Allbet or Evolution Gaming are just some of the industry leaders that we have entrusted to provide our players with the non-stop adrenaline rush that they demand from gambling. Whether players are downloading our games, or simply going with our live dealers, they can always rely on us for an unforgettable time.


The nature of players today means that there is simply no proper time set aside for gambling. Today’s gambler is typically busy juggling many responsibilities and needs the flexibility to access his or her favourite games whenever and on whatever device is at hand. Our mobile applications make this possible seamlessly and without any loss in functionality.

At our online casino players have come to know what to expect. That is a live casino that offers the very best games on a supremely safe and reliable platform and it is one that regularly reward players with among the highest payout among online casinos.

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