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Despite our innate love of taking a chance, it is not always an enjoyable experience. But gambling is because it is first and foremost entertainment. So along with the gradual growth and consolidation of various games of chance has been ever more creative forms of incentives. Throughout the history of casinos these incentives or benefits – call them what you like – have played an important role in encouraging gamblers to try their hand, but more importantly, to stay a while and keep gambling.


In the early days these were known as comps and the very biggest and best were focused on the big players. Casinos were highly sought after venues that had no pressing need to market themselves to people.

In a country like ours today, despite the fact that there are two very highly rated brick and mortar casinos, they still have to compete with a top Singapore online casino like 188clubs.

Back in the day everyone wanted to be at the casinos, but most could not for a variety of reasons. High costs, location, rarity, were just some of these reasons. For this reason casinos focused on physical benefits for their very best customers. These sometimes came in the form of select junkets catering to every conceivable comfort that a player might require. In house they would also offer freebies such as complimentary rooms, drinks, meals, tickets to in house shows and much much more.


With the introduction of online casinos, promoters had to start getting creative. Suddenly everybody had a default junket. It was called the Internet. Limitations of space, distance and cost very quickly became a thing of the past. Of course the big successful landed casinos would still continue with their version of promotions, but online, it was a very different game. The proliferation of online casinos meant that promoters now had a very real need to market themselves and provide ongoing Singapore online casino promotion bonuses to keep their players and vitally, to keep them playing.

There was also a new level of competition that had to be tackled head on and this would lead to a complete evolution of the casino promotion.


There are literally thousands of casinos online today. Every one of them has a promotion of some kind. However, not all meet the standards of today’s discerning online casino gambler. Or they at times may have crippling terms and conditions leading to clients not being bothered to redeem anything because of the trouble they have been through. Below we look at just some of our bonuses.

  • WELCOME BONUS – This is our way of thanking you for playing at our online casino. With a 100% bonus, the client is given complete peace of mind to go try our games without having to worry about blowing all his or her money too soon.
  • DAILY BONUS – Here we have another great offer that our clients will love. Available to all our clients, you will be able to get a little bit more on top of any daily deposit to once again stretch your game time.
  • UNLIMITED DEPOSIT BONUS – This is another unique offer that offers our clients yet another choice to stretch their funds.
  • REBATES – We offer rebates in our live casino section, sportsbook and for slot games. Our clients love the fact that they get something back in return for their hard earned dollar. We are delighted to offer these different ways of showing our appreciation for our clients coming back again and again.

There are also other promotions change on a daily basis. Under the Sports betting section, for example, we have rebates that vary according to the different sports our clients are focusing on. Added to this we also constantly update our offerings to coincide with any special dates such as Chinese New Year or Christmas among others. As a trusted online casino in Singapore we feel it is our duty to keep a constant eye on our promotional offers in order to provide the best possible experience for our clients.


As we have noted above, it is now imperative to have a keen understanding of each and every client at online casinos. Yes, there are huge numbers of people gambling, but this is the 21st Century and news can spread blindingly fast. If a casino has got its promotional offers right people will avail of them and spread the news. And of course getting it wrong would become a problem equally quickly.

Gamblers are emotional people. Their love of risk keeps them on the edge and they definitely do not need any other factors heightening the stress levels. In fact many online casino bonuses are specifically tailored for just this reason. Players are given ways to maximise their spend so they do not suffer any sudden big losses. But to take advantage of these bonuses in the first place, a player must have absolutely no added hassles in making use of the bonuses.


Being one of the leading Singapore online casino, we have streamlined the whole process of using our bonuses. Beginning with our promotions section we have our whole selection clearly labelled with all the terms and conditions right there on the page. When a player decides to take advantage of a promotion it is a very simple process.

It is quite simply no use trying to make amends once a customer has had a bad experience. Therefore we pay great attention to the details and are constantly assessing our bonuses to ensure they always keep up with the customers requirements.

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