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Evolution of the best place for Sports Betting in Singapore

Gambling has always been a favourite pastime for us here in Singapore. You are not going to find many people who will argue with that.

What you will find regularly discussed is each person’s favourite. This one goes on endlessly from the kopitiam to the office corridor.

But there’s one aspect of the gambling scene that is truly undeniable. That is the universal popularity of sports and of course sports betting in Singapore.

Sports bettors do not argue about which kind of gambling they like. This is simply because they are far too busy arguing about whose sport or team is the best.

All over the world different countries have their favourites. American football, cricket, Oz rules football, motor racing, even curling. There is simply no end to it when it comes to sports. In most countries this rivalry is because the supporters are local so the animosity can be understood.

Which is what makes the Singapore online casino scene so unique and surprising.


Singapore has had an ongoing love affair with sports betting for as long as anyone can remember. Betting at the horse races was an unmissable ritual even before we became an independent country. This continued after independence with the Singapore Turf Club being the still being the only place where you could place a bet and continued to be a roaring success.

This was still a time when the occasional punt on a horse was no big deal. The Turf Club was a reputable venue and sports betting was more of a social affair.

Not for long though.


This would soon turn into a tribal war with the beginning of the football wars of the ‘70s.

Singapore suddenly churned out a whole host of stars and in almost no time at all, football became The National pastime. If this was not enough, almost simultaneously Malaysia started a conveyor belt of their own talent. It was the perfect setting for a sporting rivalry that would grip both nations.

Stadiums were packed whenever and wherever these two countries played. The people were filled with pride as their newly independent countries were mixing it with all comers.

Needless to say that close on the heels of this were the early sports bookies. This was of course not the relatively well mannered conduct of the horse races. In these early days the football bookies were almost all illegal. But that did not stop people. Even in today’s terms the volume of bets being placed was quite staggering.

Die hard sports bettors just could not get enough of their fix.


It was inevitable that this would not last. Despite the heroics of the teams, sports in general did not pay enough for players to make a living. This was a time when players represented teams for the love of sports. There was very little money in the game itself.

The love of a good sports bet was here to stay though. It was just they had to shift their focus to different teams.

Actually, a different country entirely.


Horse racing was still pulling in significant bets in Singapore, but interest in football was slowly waning. For the bookies and the bettors this of course meant lousy odds.

Again, this would not last for long. The early ‘90s saw a combination of events that would together propel football – and consequently online casino in Singapore – to a whole different level.

The big media houses in the west were quickly starting to see the huge amounts of money sports telecasts could bring in.

All kinds of sports – and most importantly football – were beginning to clean up their act, become more professional and consequently become more TV friendly.


English football was already known quite well in Singapore because of the great Liverpool teams in the ‘80s. Local football was already on a downward trend and the diehards had already identified their new heroes.

And then just as Liverpool’s invincible reign collapsed, the Premier League was created.

You just could not have scripted a better sequence of events to happen as they did if you love a good sports bet. There was already the old guard, who had grown up drunk on first the local legends of the 70s and then the Liverpool machine of the 80s. Now as the Premier League began, Manchester United’s glorious era would create a whole new legion of diehard fans.

Once again – just like in the 70s – circumstances would create two sets of natural sporting enemies. And this was massive news for Singapore sports betting.

By the mid 90s the Premier League had captivated the football loving crowd and they were hooked. The volume of betting on English football was hitting record highs every season.

And then came the internet.


With the late arrival of F1, sports betting is no more just about football and horses. Motor sports is now making serious inroads in the betting world.

The modern Singapore online sportsbook is unrecognisable from its forebears. It is a slick, seamless platform that players can take advantage of wherever and whenever they want. This has also become a much more detailed precise exercise because of the wealth of information that is available to bettors today.

Of course not all betting sites make good use of this. You are best of heading to a trusted Singapore online casino that will provide all the information you need while also providing the safe, secure and reliable environment required for the best chance of making the right bet.


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