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When you first think of casinos, it is the gambling that immediately comes to mind. But they are so much more aren’t they? The anticipation and sheer excitement feeds into our innate need to take risks and to us gamblers there is probably no greater feeling.

An indisputable part of this and a perennial favorite are the Singapore online casino slot games.


In their original incarnation slot games were nothing more than an attempt to keep customers in bars or saloons. They were simple poker machines that paid out in the form of benefits like drinks or other perks. Even in this early form it is said that patrons began to frequent places that had a slot machine. They were already getting people hooked.


Slot games have played an integral part in the evolution of casinos. Right from the time they were placed in casinos up till today’s elaborate offerings at all trusted online casino in Singapore they have maintained prime position in the hearts and minds of players everywhere. It is safe to say that casinos, as we view them today, would have never turned out the same without the introduction of slot machines. There was just nothing else that quite compared to the raw excitement generated by these games. The colour and noise only added to the sensations of this very unique form of gambling. All the other games required a player to make a number of moves, or some other sequence of events before they ultimately won or lost.

Not the slot machines. This was like a one man party that - if you were lucky - would end with your winnings literally pouring out in front of you. And unlike most other casino games, it mattered less to players if they lost because the whole experience was so exhilarating. And quick. You could just keep going for very little money as opposed to say the gaming tables. There every new round came with significant expense, along with the risk of losing big. So it was that more and more people came to casinos for nothing else but the slots. Nothing could beat the bandit.

Or so people thought.


In time the old 3 row, manually operated slot machines would be electrified. This meant that the famous lever was of no use anymore. But promoters quickly realised that players were hooked to this thing. A significant part of the slots experience was pulling on that lever. It was still irreplaceable. Technology at the time – or should we say the lack of it – would mean there was not much more that could be done besides electrifying these machines. So the slot machines would retain the famous lever. This was despite the fact it had no more use! It was purely cosmetic.

Most of the other aspects of casinos were beginning to evolve as times changed. Not the slots.

Their time would come with the advent of the internet.


From the very earliest days of the internet online gaming started to grow. Video games were already a big draw and game developers looked to this technology to expand their offerings in the gambling world. It is difficult to argue that online casino slot games have been the biggest benefactor of advances in technology. Suddenly the old 3 row "fruit machines" were looking distinctly outdated. Developers realised that they had to maintain the essence of these games and that was largely their entertainment value besides the actual gambling aspect. Where this was once solely dependent on one big lever, it was a different matter entirely in the virtual world. There were almost no limits to where they could take slot games.

So they did just that.


With the popularity of online slot games being sky-high, all the developers have a version and every online casino has some variation of it. Of course, as in any field, this brings with it variations in the quality of the offering. Despite Singapore being home to two of the best landed casinos in Asia, 188clubs as one of the most trusted online casino in Singapore holds its own with some of the most engaging, reliable and high payout slots games available.


with our 5 diverse gaming lounges, we have the best selection of game developers.

Playtech have been at the forefront of online slot games since their inception. This is an incredibly reliable game developer that is responsible for some of the all-time popular titles. Some of these focus on famous animated characters, movie stars or historical characters. There is Sylvester Stallone, Highway Kings, Top Gun and many many more titles to choose from.

NetEnt is another massive player in this segment. This developer has a slightly more European focus but this has not stopped them from coming up with some the most popular games available. Aliens, Jack hammer, Guns & Roses and even the infamous South Park among their most popular themes.

While the two aforementioned game developers provide an excellent selection of games, we also have UC8, Pragmatic and SpadeGaming to round up our offerings. Every one of the games on offer are known for their reliability and excellent visuals. In total there are hundreds of games available meaning you could quite conceivably play a different game every day and never repeat one!

These are just a very small example of the excellent games on offer and they are not just popular for the visuals. A majority of the online slots games have five rows. Players can customise these extensively allowing for a variety of ways to win. One of the hallmarks of modern slot games is that there are a great many more ways to win than in the old days.

As in all our offerings, we make it easy for players to get going on their slot games adventure. What better way to enjoy your gambling than to take part in these high payout slots games?

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