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Sports Betting Malaysia


It is quite likely no one actually knows the actual origin of Singapore sports betting. In fact it is probably safe to say that as long as there have been competitive games between people – or animals – then there has been someone betting on it. Before any of the games that we know today were invented, or had become mainstream, there was only this chance to bet on sport.


Sport has always been a favourite of gamblers because of its naturally random outcome. While it was always a form of entertainment for this very reason, wagering quickly caught on. Seasoned bettors also started seeing patterns in these seemingly random events and this served to further enhance the belief that we could somehow shorten the odds on winning.

As with all forms of gambling, it first got a boost with organised horse racing. This is not to say it did not exist before. Simply that as horse racing – and for that matter sports in general – had become an established event and the people involved invariably had money. So called experts would look at every available data to work out which animal had an advantage. This included the horses own record on the track, but also involved the jockey, the particular location of the race and even the time of day occasionally.

Over time the sportsbook would come to encompass any games that were popular. There were bookies involved who earned a small tip for their services. This included placing the actual bet, but very often also involved looking after the bettor.


As with all other kinds of betting, sports betting soon caught the eye of authorities. Like all other Gambling in its various early form sportsbooks were soon either regulated or illegal. However, with sports betting, it can be said that its regulation was actually one of the factors that led to it achieving mass appeal. Before the onset of widespread regulation the bettors would for obvious reasons not want to publicise their activity. This of course changed when the authorities got involved. Now those involved in placing bets and managing odds saw an advantage in getting the word out.

There was also no industry standard on how to calculate sports bets. This changed with the introduction of the Points Spread. This was applied in team games as a way to increase interest in certain games. Many gambling historians see this simple invention as the catalyst for the huge interest that was to come in sportsbooks and it persists in the industry even today at top Singapore online casino.


As in other areas of gambling, it was not long before the casinos of the day would start to take notice. This was far too lucrative a form of gambling for them to ignore. On the flipside, sportsbooks could see the obvious benefits of allying with the casinos. These were large, dedicated gambling centres so the need to advertise or maybe just hope people would show an interest, was a thing of the past. The venerable ‘bookie’ also went out of business to the point where the term today has negative connotations relating to illegal betting.

By now there was a dedicated science behind sportsbooks and this involved formulating detailed statistics on the variables around any given sport. This analysis of form continues till today and has actually become an integral part of the whole sports betting industry.


A downside of the sportsbook’s inclusion in casinos was the limited entry to these places. Remember this was a time when only a small section of society could afford casinos. Here was an activity loved by all and sundry but a combination of regulations and restrictions started to push this much loved pastime back underground.

Which is where the internet came and changed everything. Detailed statistics, team info, weather, are just some of the things that key to sports bettors and we live in the era of information. As one of the very best online live dealer casino in Singapore, 188clubs provide all the info you need to make an educated bet. Our sports betting page has a wealth of real-time information that is key for players of any experience level to increase their chances of winning.

All the information in the world is of no use if it cannot be understood and acted on rapidly. This is of particular concern with sports betting. In all other forms of gambling the game waits for the player. You have time in poker, you can take a minute to roll the wheel at roulette. In sports this is not possible. It just keeps running and you have to be quick with your betting decisions. Of course we offer a variety of betting methods to help you in this area. Bets can be placed as usual before the game begins, but we also cater for those late decisions and bets can still be place at the half way break or even beyond in certain cases.


An interesting – and highly popular – aspect of sports betting is the Parlay Bet. At any given time sports might throw up a dull game or one that is very evenly matched. This would of course not make for very interesting odds. Sometimes a bettor might simply not be interested in the available odds. Parlay allows individual bets to be clubbed together, thereby creating much bettor odds for the bettor.


Today the popularity of sports betting is at an all time high. Any sporting event is already highly emotionally charged. Just take any individual game, in any sport and the infinite variables involve make it nigh on impossible to successfully gauge the outcome. But people will always try. Having the added incentive of a possible monetary gain only heightens the anticipation and excitement. So at 188clubs we strive to make sure you can always wager on your favourite teams or sport. All the while you have the peace of mind in knowing that we provide regular, hassle free payouts and you are at a safe, reliable online casino.

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